Getting In Touch With A Qualified DUI Lawyer – The Difference It Makes

The act of contacting a DUI lawyer is essential to a successful defense of a DUI case. It is important to remember though that contacting a DUI lawyer is not an easy process. You will come across some difficult individuals as well as some lawyers who just want to see you spend money.

As such, make sure that the DUI lawyer you contact is credible, experienced, and reliable. Here are some important steps to follow when contacting a DUI attorney for your case: Ask about deferred prosecution deals.

As part of a plea bargain, the defense lawyer may recommend that your offender enters into a deferred prosecution program instead of facing sentencing. A deferred prosecution agreement generally involves probation with no jail time or alcohol education programs.

Deferred prosecution agreements are popular with DUI cases because they can significantly reduce the sentence the court imposes. Do research on the sentencing for the crime. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, you probably already know that your chances of receiving jail time are fairly low.

This is one reason why contacting a DUI defense attorney right after the arrest is critical to minimizing the criminal record and jail time you may be facing. While you’re still in jail, you’ll want to make sure that you are communicating with the DUI attorney regarding any other aspect of your case.

Understand the two-year rule. Many states have a two-year rule attached to their DUI laws. This means that if you have been arrested and convicted for a DUI offense within two years of your arrest, your attorney is not allowed to work on your case.

If your criminal attorney does wish to work on your case outside of this two-year period, he or she must inform you in advance. Contacting a DUI lawyer right after a jury trial is critical to minimizing the jail time you could face. In many states, a DUI jury trial results in a guilty verdict.

This often happens if you don’t have a strong DUI defense. It’s important to understand how the jury works and how a DUI jury trial could end. Contacting a DUI attorney immediately can help you mount an effective DUI defense in court.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI violation, a jury trial is almost guaranteed and you may find yourself sitting in jail until the case is over. Contacting a DUI lawyer during the pendency of your second offense is key as well. Most DUI convictions occur within a short period of time after the DUI conviction.

If you’ve previously been convicted of driving under the influence, a judge may resent you and revoke your probation. A second conviction will result in additional fines, stricter DUI requirements, and more jail time. It’s important to contact a DUI defense attorney during this time to discuss your options.

As a convicted drunk driver, you may have had past problems with alcohol and substance abuse. If you’ve completed all of your probation and are still having problems relating to alcohol or drug use, contact a DUI defense attorney. You’ll be able to ask for leniency based on your current circumstances.

If you’ve previously violated DUI laws but have not had any other occurrences, your DUI attorney may have strategies to work with you based on your history. Unfortunately, not every drunk driver finds themselves in the same situation. Some DUI lawyers treat all cases the same regardless of the state of affairs.

Consider whether your case will differ from those around you. Are you currently involved in another crime or moving to a new state? Do you have special circumstances that may affect your sentence? If so, discuss them with your DUI lawyer and see what they can do for you. If you don’t have a lawyer yet, get in touch with this this lawyer that does an exemplary job helping with DWI cases.