How to Pick the Best Christmas Lights for Your Decoration Plan – An Overview

So, you have decided that you want to go all out this year with your Christmas lighting decoration and are now looking into how to pick up Christmas lights for the green crowd.

After all, there is nothing worse on the environmentally-conscious list than stringing lights down around your house on the wrong side of safety, as well as on a neighborhood street corner that is one dangerous enough to warrant property seizure by the local government.

It is not only an expensive project to reverse, but it can also be a waste of energy and end up costing you more money than you planned on spending.

You may be surprised to find out that there are many different ways to go green with your Christmas lighting decoration. First of all, there is the old standby of traditional, non-electric Christmas lights. Traditional ones are probably what we are all used to.

These are usually comprised of strings of lights wound up in a spiral around the rim of a large plastic or glass globe that sits atop a sturdy stand. These lights are still a classic eco-friendly Christmas decoration option; however, they are also the most wasteful type.

They use more electricity than they actually provide, and using them does nothing to reduce your carbon footprint. If you choose to go with this type of eco-friendly Christmas decoration, you can make it happen without using any petroleum-based wrapping paper, either.

Instead, you can opt for purchasing a number of smaller gift bags that are colored white, pink, or blue and place them along with your wrapping paper at the Christmas tree. These bags can be reused, so you never have to worry about disposing of a plastic bag that has already been used.

By wrapping your gifts in eco-friendly wrapping paper, you will drastically reduce your carbon footprint while also being kinder to the environment. Another popular alternative to traditional Christmas trees is artificial Christmas trees. Artificial Christmas trees are the perfect option for people who don’t want to deal with cleaning up after their standard tree.

These trees can be purchased pre-lit or un-lit, and many are available with LED lighting systems, which look just like real candles. You’ll love the fact that artificial trees don’t need to be cleaned after use and they can last for many years without needing to be disposed of. Find wonderful Christmas Lights Near Me and you to know your choices.

Many people choose to use artificial trees instead of standard Christmas trees because of these benefits, but they can also be an expensive Christmas decoration choice. Solar lights are a popular alternative to traditional Christmas lights. Most solar lights are rechargeable and they use no electricity.

When the sun goes down, simply add batteries to the light to turn it on and off. This allows you to use these lights even in the middle of the night when electricity is scarce. Because they require absolutely no upkeep, they’re an ideal way to save money all year long.

Recycled lighting is another popular green Christmas decorating option. In recent years, more households have been required by law to get a certain amount of green energy use from their electricity suppliers. The majority of appliances sold today come standard with energy star labels, making them easy to identify as being green.

Some companies offer green LED lights, which are a great addition to your tree because they are brighter and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Solar-powered lights are becoming quite popular lately.

In the past, these lights were quite expensive, but prices have greatly decreased thanks to government incentives and more affordable devices. These devices can be found in both commercial and residential applications. For instance, a snowman or Santa Claus will light up any room for just a few pennies per light.

Many other Christmas decorations use solar power, so if you’re interested in using these types of lights this Christmas, your options are only limited to what you can find at your local hardware store or your favorite online retailer.

You’ll be surprised at how many Christmas lights are now energy efficient. You can even find LED lights that use less than a tenth of a watt to keep your costs down. Remember, though, when you’re picking your lights, always choose high-quality, low energy bulbs.